Véronique Pittolo
(France, 1960)   
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Véronique Pittolo

Véronique Pittolo is a writer and art historian. Her poetry is prosaic and narrational. Pittolo does not allow herself to be restricted by form or genre. One of the questions that fascinates her is how one can relate to a world that is pervaded by references. She thus prefers to work with recognized fictitious elements like film, fairy tales and fantasy heroes, hoping in that way to evoke a new world full of déjà-vu sensations.

By playing with what is drawn from common knowledge she is able to activate that which resides in the realms of collective consciousness and unconsciousness through her poetry. Her weird and wonderful worlds throw new light on existing issues. Pittolo won the Grand prix de la littérature de la SGDL in 2004 and has produced a rich variety of collections and other publications, such as the sound-poems Hélène mode d’emploi (2008) and Ralentir Spider (2008).

© Éric Giraud (Translated by Diane Butterman)


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