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Below, we have listed various interesting Ukrainian poetry websites.
Each description also mentions the language(s) in which the site is available.


Potyah/Express ’76
A cross-border online magazine providing an ongoing dialogue between prominent Central and Eastern European writers, poets, essayists, critics, translators, and their audience.
Language: Ukrainian, Polish, English and German by the end of 2004

Chetver/Thursday text and vision magazine
Chetver/Thursday is the personal project of famous Ukrainian writer, artist and musician Yurko Izdryk. He publishes texts and visual art by the youngest and the most consciously underground Ukrainian poets, writers, and artists.
Language: Ukrainian


The largest collection of Ukrainian poetry – from the eleventh century to the present – on the internet.
Language: Ukrainian with English, German, Spanish and French summaries


Dzerkalo Tyzhnia/Mirror Weekly
Weekly newspaper with a specialized literary section, issued twice a month.
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English

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