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You will find listed below a selection of the most interesting Japanese poetry magazines, organisations, literary museums, and major poetry prizes.

Magazines and Publishers

Poetry Kanto
Japan's leading annual bilingual, bicultural poetry magazine POETRY KANTO, first published in 1968,  is a venue for introducing to readers in Japan and elsewhere exciting contemporary poetry in English, as well as introducing to readers overseas contemporary and 20th century Japanese poetry in English translation.

Gendaishi Techo
Shicho-sha | 3-15, Sadohara-cho | Ichigaya, Sinjyuku-ku | Tokyo 162-0842
Phone 03-3267 8141 | Fax 03-3267 8142

This is Japan’s leading poetry magazine. The directory of poetry books, magazines, and events contained in each monthly issue is practical and useful.

midnight press
2-33-11-103 | Narimasu, Itabashi-ku | Tokyo 175-0094
Phone 03-3947 1021 |
In this quarterly magazine, poet Shuntaro Tanikawa and Ben Shozu run a series of three way talks, inviting a guest poet or artist each time. They also provide a sophisticated, but Japanese-language only website.

Shigaku-sha | 3-20-7-304 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
Phone 03-5812 3178 | Fax 03-5812 3179

Founded in 1947, Shigaku is the oldest poetry magazine in Japan. Its back numbers form important archives of the history of the post-war Japanese poetry, while the current issues follow the latest trends.

Shosi-Yamada | 2-5-5-301, Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3988 7467 | Fax 03-3983 5477
Published by Shosi-Yamada, one of the leading poetry publishing houses in Japan.

Poetry and Thought
Doyobijyutu Shuppan Hanbai | 3-31-8-1101 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 169-0051 |
Its website includes a ‘Poetry from Japan’ section which provides various anthologies of modern Japanese poetry in English translation.


The Museum of Contemporary Japanese poetry, Tanka, and Haiku
2-5-60 Hongoku-cho, Kitagami-shi | Iwate 024-8503
Phone 0197−65−1728 | Fax 0197−64−3621

A unique literature museum dedicated for the contemporary Japanese poetry, Tanka, and Haiku.

Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature
110 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku | Yokohama-shi | Kanagawa 231-0862
Phone 045-622-6666 | Fax 045-623-4841
Frequent exhibitions, events, seminar, covering a wide range of modern Japanese literature, including poetry.

Maebashi City Museum of Literature
3-12-10 Chiyoda-machi | Maebashi-shi | Gunma-Ken 371-0022
Tel 027-235-8011 | Fax 027-235-8512
Permanent collection for poet Sakutaro Hagiwara plus various ad-hoc events and exhibitions, including some in connection with Hagiwara Sakutaro Award.

Sendai Literature Museum
2-7-1 Kitane, Aoba-ku | Sendai-shi | Miyagi 981-0902
Phone 022(271)3020 | Fax 022(271)3044
Frequent exhibitions, events, workshops. Host for the Doi Bansui Award and poetry slams.

Chuya Nakahara Memorial Museum
1-11-21 Yuda Onsen | Yamaguchi-shi | Yamaguchi 753-0056
Tel 083-932 6430
Dedicated to poet Chuya Nakahara and built at his birthplace, it contains many of his remaining manuscripts and hosts the annual poetry festival on the poet’s birthday, April 29th.

Shuji Terayama Museum
116-2955 Misawa | Aomori 033-0022
Tel 0176-59-3434 | Fax 0176-59-3440
Dedicated to poet, movie-maker, theater performer, Shuji Terayama


Japan Poet’s Association

Ooka Makoto Forum

Space Poem Chain A multi-authored poem originating in Japan from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The poem is added to by the public.
Language: Japanese and English

Poetry Prizes

Takami Jun Award

Hagiwara Sakutaro Award

Nakahara Chuya Award

Gendaishi Hanatsubaki Award

Doi Bansui Award

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