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A Brief History of Persian Literature
A representative article on the history of Iranian literature compiled by the Iran Cahmber Society
Language: English

Persian Literature
Key article on persian literature from wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Language: English

Magazines and Journals

The leading poetry magazine of Iranian postmodern poetry edited by Parham Shahrjerdi (Paris/France).
Language: Multilingual

Ketabe Shear
One of the most visited online journals of modern Iranian poetry, edited by Roshanak Bigonah (Amsterdam/The Netherlands).
Language: Farsi

The excentric online journal of Iranian avantgarde art and culture, edited by Babak Salimizadeh, Amin Ghazaei and Co. (Teheran/Iran).
Language: Farsi


kânune nevisàndegane Iran
The Iranian Writer's Association (Teheran/Iran).

kânune nevisàndegane Iran dàr tàb'id
The Iranian Writer's Association in Exile (Germany).

The Iranian P.E.N. Centre in Exile
The official Iranian representation of PEN International (Germany).

Literature & Poetry Websites

the translation project
Bringing contemporary Iranian literature to the world in multiple languages and media. Founder and artistic director of the project is Nliufar Talebi. (New York/USA).
Language: Engilsh

One of the most visited literature websites of Iran, edited by Reya Ghassemi (Paris/France).
Language: Farsi

An independent poetry website that promotes young writers and poets.
Language: Farsi


Iranian prominent women's poetry prize.

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