Dorit Weisman
(Israel, 1950)   
Dorit Weisman

Poet and translator Dorit Weisman was born April 1950 in Kfar-Saba (Israel) and lives in Jerusalem.  She tutors at workshops for creative writing, gives lectures about poetry and is an active member of the Katovet group which runs the Poetry Place, a center for workshops and readings near the Mahane Yehuda market in downtown Jerusalem.

In 2005, she was a recipient of the Acum Prize for poetry for her manuscript, Where Did you Meet the Cancer?; she was awarded the Prime Minister‘s Prize for Israeli writers in 2003 and the Yehuda Amichai Prize for Poetry in 2003. Weisman has also won the following prestigious awards: the Tchernikhovski Prize of the Writer’s Guild (1998), the Ben-Gurion University Prize for Literature (1999), the Olschwung Foundation's Award as well as the Jerusalem Prize for Literature (1998).



Where Did You Meet the Cancer? [Eifo pagasht et ha-sartan?], Carmel, Jerusalem 2006
Dancing Csardas With You [Lirqod ittakh čardaš], Even Xoshen, Ra‘anana 2005
What Do the Baobab Trees Stand for? [U-ma mesamnim ‘atzey ha-ba'obab], Even Xoshen, Ra‘anana 2003
The Day I Visited the Cuckoo’s Nest [Ha-yamim she-biqqarti be-veyt ha-meshugga‘im], Sifriat Po‘alim, Tel Aviv 1999
Don’t Know the Way of a Girl With a Dress [Lo yoda‘at derekh yalda be-simla], Tammuz, Tel Aviv 1998
A Tiger Roars At Me [Namer sho'eg negdi], Sifriat Po‘alim, Tel Aviv 1993


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