Rami Saari
(Israel, 1963)   
Rami Saari

Rami Saari was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, and spent his childhood in Argentina and in Israel. He is a poet, translator, linguist and literary critic. He studied and has taught Linguistics and Semitic and Uralic Languages at the Universities of Helsinki, Budapest and Jerusalem, receiving his PhD degree in Linguistics in 2003.

Saari has published six volumes of poetry to date: Behold, I Found my Home (1988), Men at the Crossroads (1991), The Route of Bold Pain (1997), The Book of Life,(2001), So Much, So Much War (2002), and The Fifth Shogun (2005). He has also translated more than thirty-five books into Hebrew, both prose and poetry, from Albanian, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish. Since 2002, Saari has been the national editor of the Israeli pages at PIW. In 1996 and 2003, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Literature and in 2006 the Tchernikhovsky Prize for his translations.



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