Brane Mozetič
(Slovenia, 1958)   
Brane Mozetič

Brane Mozetič is a poet, writer, translator and editor who graduated in comparative literature from the University of Ljubljana. He also pursued an advanced degree in comparative literature in Paris.

Since 1990, Mozetič has been the editor of gay magazine Revolver. He has translated a number of French authors, among which Rimbaud, Genet, Foucault, and Brossard, published ten poetry collections and three works of fiction, winning the City of Ljubljana Poetry Prize and the European Poetry Prize-Falgwe. His poems have been translated into various languages. Mozetič is currently the director of Center for Slovenian Literature. A poet who has not shied away from strict forms, Mozetič writes in a feverish style of the evanescent experience that is a poignant reflection of the postmodern condition and its narcissism.

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Brane Mozetič’s website
(In English and Slovenian)

Brane Mozetič’s page on Lyrikline


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