Hagit Grossman
(Israel, 1976)   
Hagit Grossman

Hagit Grossman wrote her first poem at age six; it was published in a school newspaper. At 14, a poem about the destructive nature of the desire to possess beauty was published in an anthology of young peoples’ writing. After her compulsory army service (in the air force), Grossman wrote her first (and unpublished) book, Air. Her first published volume of verse, Nine Poems for Samuel, resulted from a trip to Minnesota in the US where her father underwent a transplant operation. Two more poetry books have followed, Ash Whales and The Trembling of the City.

Hagit Grossman received her BA in Hebrew and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University and her MA in Hebrew Literature from Ben Gurion University of the Negev; she teaches at Musrara, the Naggar School of Photography, Media and New Music in Jerusalem. Grossman is married and the mother of a daughter. 

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In Hebrew
Nine Poems for Samuel [Tisha shirim leh-shmuel], Plonit, Tel Aviv, 2007
Ash Whales [Levitanay ha-effer], Keshev, Tel Aviv, 2010
The Trembling of the City [Ra’ad ha-ear], Yediot Aharonot, Tel Aviv, 2013
Where They Aren’t [Hay-han sheh-ainam], Yediot Aharonot, Tel Aviv, 2012

In Hebrew
The poet’s blog
Einat Yakir in conversation with the poet
Performances on YouTube

In English
Time Train: several translations by Jonathan Dayan
VIDEO: Subtitled reading of ‘107 Nahalat Binyamin Street’

In French
A short bio
‘107 rue Nahalat Binyamin’
VIDEO: La Mer Jonathan”

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