Michelle Grangaud
(France, 1941)   
Michelle Grangaud

Michelle Grangaud was born in Alger in 1941 (where the daily experience of the awful effects of colonisation inspired in her a definite and consuming passion for complete equality, in daily life as well as in her writing).

Since 1980, Michelle Grangaud has been living in Paris (a town she discovered for the first time when she was twelve years old, and which seduced her immediately. In her childhood it was because of the “cafés”, which attracted her because she found them gorgeous and believed that it was possible to live an effervescent life there — now she find the same excitement in libraries: as Baudelaire said, you should always be drunk, "on wine, poetry or virtue, whichever you prefer". Except that virtue has never been her aim.)


P.O.L editions
Memento-fragments, anagrammes, 1987
Stations, anagrammes, 1990
Geste, narrations, 1991
Jours le jour, chronique, 1994
Poèmes fondus, traductions de français en français, 1997
État civil, inventaires, 1998
Souvenirs de ma vie collective, sujets de tableaux sans tableaux, 2000
Calendrier des poètes, Année folle I, 2001
Calendrier des fêtes nationales, Année folle II, février 2003.

Ecbolade editions
Renaîtres, 1990

In the OULIPO collection
Les formes de l'anagramme, 1995
D'une petite haie, si possible belle, aux Regrets, 1995
Oulipo fondu, 1997
hahaôahah, 1998
Une bibliothèque en avion, 1999
Un voyage divergent, 2001

Plurielle editions
On verra bien, 1996

L’Attente editions
Le bébégaiement du beau Beaubourg, 2001



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