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Just because I didn't light a match, did you think there was no fire?
Why should I declare the maximum temperature count?
Rambling through endless tunnel tracks in the underworld forest
Why should I guide you by the hand –
Clusters and clusters of blood-red flowers, so many flowers
With leaf-stalks, burn ceaselessly like the pyre of sati.

If thief like under the Palash tree
I stand alone on a Puja dawn
I know the trees, branches, even the shadow will be drawn in.

The deer's lovable face is like a blue cloud
It retreats if I go close
The Dadhimukhi bird understands
The sun spot within the deep mine's womb understands
The Basuki snake understands, man does not
Why and when the hot wave is felt,
The vein explodes like a glass bottle
Lips glitter with pure brightness like molten gold.
Released from the lunatic asylum
The body fireworks in the whole sky
Kash  flowers merge into the horizon in Baitarani's current
The soul shadows its path.

Petticoat, sari, hair, eyes haven't been burnt
Am I safe therefore?
           Just because you didn't light a match was there no fire?