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Below, we have listed various interesting Chinese poetry organisations.


Zhongguo shige yanjiu zhongxin (Centre for the Research of Chinese Poetry
Beijing Sisanhuan Beilu 83 hao | Beijing
Beijing Sisanhuan Beilu 83 hao | 100089 | Beijing
Phone (010) 6890 7723 | Fax (010) 6890 7663
Zhongguo shige yanjiu zhongxin
The Centre for the Research of Chinese Poetry is housed at Beijing's Capital Normal University. The site already contains a large amount of classical Chinese poetry, as well as work done by scholars on classical poetry.


Shi shenghuo (Poetry Life)
Shi shenghuo
Very active Chinese poetry site with news, reviews, essays and a lot of new poetry. Also publishes the poetry emagzine Zhendi (Front).

Xiangpi wenxue wang (Rubber Literature)
Xiangpi wenxue wang
Chinese eMagazine featuring poetry, short fiction and articles about literature. Also linked to Niandai shi cong (Poetry of the age) edited by Han Dong, and sites containing Chinese poems of the year, 1999-2000.

Zixingche (Bicycle)
Poetry eMagazine devoted to the poets and poetry of Guangxi province. Most of the content is new poetry, but there is also some commentary.

Guoji Hanyu shitan (The Chinese Poetry International Quarterly)
PO Box 031, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, PR China 400020
48-page magazine with English translations of all poetry by Chinese translators. Also contains articles in Chinese without translations.

Huacheng (Flower City)
Huacheng chubanshe, Guangzhou shi, Shuiyin lu 11, PR China 510075
Established Chinese literary magazine based on Guangzhou province that continues to publish interesting new work. Has 10-15 pages of poetry per issue from 1 or 2 poets.

The Chinese PEN
4th Floor, 4, Lane 68, Wenzhou Street, Taipei, Taiwan 106, Republic of China
Quality journal featuring contemporary prose and poetry from Taiwan. All poetry appears in both English and Chinese versions.


Renmin chubanshe (People's Publishing House)
Beijing shi Chaonei dalu 166 | Beijing
Beijing shi Chaonei dalu 166 | 100705 | Beijing
Renmin chubanshe
Prestigious Beijing-based publisher. Their "Blue Star" [Lanxing] poetry series already includes collections by some of the most impressive contemporary poets, including Wang Jiaxin, Yu Jian, Xi Chuan and Shu Ting.

Renditions Paperbacks
Research Centre for Translation CUHK Shatin NT Hong Kong
| Renditions
Quality publisher of contemporary Chinese literature, including authorized collections by poets such as Gu Cheng, Shu Ting and Yang Lian.

Wild Peony
PO Box 636 Broadway NSW 2007 Sydney Australia
Specialist publisher of Chinese literature, including the work of Yang Lian and Xu Xing

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