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Below, we have listed various interesting Dutch poetry websites.
Each description also mentions the language(s) in which the site is available.

De Gekooide Roos
Online Dutch webmagazine about literature and poetry. Once a month new poems and stories are published (in Dutch).
Language: Dutch

De Wintertuin
Site of an important literary festival in Nijmegen.
Language: Dutch

Dichter aan huis
A yearly festival in The Hague with fifty Dutch and Flemish poets who read from their work in fifty private living-rooms.
Language: Dutch

Dichter op het scherm
Poets page of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. In anticipation of the new Dutch Poet Laureate (to be elected in 2005), this library website proves to be an excellent resource of Dutch poetry.
Language: Dutch

Dichters uit Epibreren
Site of a group of three performing poets from Groningen, with information about their poetry, many literary links, reviews and news. In addition, they publish a daily online poetry magazine 'Rottend Staal' (Rotting Steel), with poetry, news and performances of the poets.
Language: Dutch; English

Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature
This foundation stimulates the production of high quality literary works in Dutch and Frisian, and it promotes the translation of Dutch literature into other languages.
Language: Dutch; English

Gedicht van de week
Read a new poem every week.
Language: Dutch

Het Dichtersweb
A platform for (un)known poets.
Language: Dutch

Literary magazine about Chinese literature
Language: Dutch

Art magazine that appears twice a year. The site has many links to other literary organisations.
Language: Dutch

Literair tijdschrift De Brakke Hond
Literary magazine with poetry, stories, essays, reviews and translations.
Language: Dutch

Luuk Gruwez
Website about the work of Flemish poet Luuk Gruwez (1953)
Language: Dutch; English

Nearly the oldest literary website in the Netherlands (founded in 1995). Meander also publishes a weekly e-mail magazine, with new poems, a review, stories, articles etc. It has about 5000 subscribers; subscription is free.
Language: Dutch

Literary magazine with poetry, prose and arts.
Language: Dutch

Ons Erfdeel
Belgian cultural magazine, with essays on poetry and poets and with reviews of recent publications in the Dutch language area.
Language: Dutch

Onze Taal
Language magazine with actualities, advice and files, all about the Dutch language.
Language: Dutch

Tonnus Oosterhoff
Dutch poet Tonnus Oosterhoff has his own website with poetry-animations
Language: Dutch

The Internet edition of this Rotterdam-based magazine for young and refreshing literature.
Language: Dutch

Poetry In Motion
Site with 'poetry clips': (Dutch) texts, animations and music
Language: Dutch

Poetry International
Poetry International is a government-sponsored foundation working to promote interest in and foster love for the art of poetry, and to encourage contact between poets, poetry translators, poetry lovers and publishers from all countries. It does so by organizing the annual Poetry International Festival, the Children's Poetry Festival, a National Poetry Day, and various international exchange projects.
Language: Dutch; English

The Poëzieclub is a Dutch foundation striving to kindle enthusiasm for reading poetry. The Poëzieclub also publishes the poetry magazine Awater. The website offers information on the most recent Dutch and Flemmish poetry publications. Furthermore, it features a poetry-agenda and keeps you informed of the latest poetry-news and the Poëzieclub-choices and recommendations (established by a panel consisting of two poets).
Language: Dutch; English

Poëzie Pagina
Site with Dutch poetry links.
Language: Dutch

Yearly poetry festival in Groningen.
Language: Dutch

Project Laurens Jansz. Coster
Largest library of classical Dutch literature on the Internet.
Language: Dutch

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Site with coverage of the Rotterdam Poetry International Festival in 1999. With audio fragments and interviews
Language: Dutch

Stichting Perdu
Every week Perdu organizes a literary programme about new developments in prose and poetry, avant-garde literature from the twentieth century and the borders between literature and other disciplines in art.
Language: Dutch

Stichting Plint
Poetry and art printed on postcards, posters, pillowcases, etc.
Language: Dutch

Stichting Schrijven
This 'Writing Foundation' promotes the writing of prose, poetry and drama.
Language: Dutch

An 'international writing project' based in Amsterdam
Language: English

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