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Below, we have listed various interesting Israeli poetry websites.
Each description also mentions the language(s) in which the site is available.

Princeton University Press

The Drunken Boat
Poetry Quarterly

The Institute for the translation of Hebrew literature

Tyndale House, Cambridge UK, Residential Centre for Biblical Studies
This section is designed for those interested in examining how a particular topic may have been translated in certain versions of the scriptures.

HEBREW POETRY - What's it all about?

The drunken boat
An extensive introduction to the well-known Israeli poet, Robert Friend.

Cahiers du Creij, Numero 3
"Discours identitaire et antisemitisme":
La poesie israelienne: Unite et diversite, par Jacques Eladan

Le portail de Hebreu - Auteurs

Le portail de Hebreu - La poesie dans la fournaise

Echos de la littérature hebraique moderne dans les pays arabes, Sasson Somekh

Yahoo encyclopedie
La litterature Hebraique
L'univers de la Bible - La poesie Hebraique

Tous les auteurs israeliens traduits en franeais et tous leas auteurs franeais traduits en Hebreu

Die Bedeutung der Poesie in Israel

La joven poesea hebrea publicada en los primeros añeos de la existencia del Estado de Israel

Revista Raices: Literatura hebrea y yedica

Literatura i musica a Israel

Savremena Izraelska Poezija

Novo Pismo - Izraelska Poezija


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