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Below, we have listed various interesting Indian poetry websites.
Each description also mentions the language(s) in which the site is available.


A Web Anthology of Indian English Poetry, affording an interesting glimpse into the work of several generations of Indian poets writing in English.
Language: English

Maintained by the University of Maryland’s server, this devotes itself to books “by and for Asian women”, with a fairly comprehensive repertory of links to information on Indian women poets.
Language: English

Poetry Splash
A website essentially aimed at converting the uninitiated reader to poetry, this sometimes has a treat or two for serious readers as well, such as a list of quotes by Indian poets on the poetry scene.
Language: English

Kritya: An energetic monthly journal of Indian poetry in several languages.
Language: English and Hindi

The Brown Critique :
Founded, edited and published by poet Gayatri Majumdar in 1995, Brown Critique, a vigorous literary quarterly, promoted the work of several promising Indian writers. Now re-launched as an e-zine, it features work published in earlier issues as well as new writing in poetry and fiction, reviews, art, music and other forms of artistic expression.
Language: English


IndiaStar Review of Books
An e-zine that offers a varied and interesting compilation of book reviews, articles, poems and fiction.
Language: English

Monsoon Magazine
An online magazine that has poetry, essays, art, fiction, reviews and interviews that focus on the Indian arts.
Language: English

A Celebration of Women Writers (Writers from India)
The spotlight in this University of Pennsylvania site is on international women writers, including an informative page on Indian women writers.
Language: English

The Indialit webring is a useful list of websites on traditional and modern Indian literature in various languages and has a fair amount of poetry-related material.
Language: English

Books of South Asian Writers writing in English
Maintained by the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, this offers some bibliographic information on South Asian literature, but was last updated in 1999.
Language: English

Emory University’s Post-colonial Site
This website on post-colonial literature offers a list of contemporary authors, not many of whom are poets, with detailed biographical and critical notes on each.
Language: English

Delhi Magazine
An e-zine published by the South Asian Network for Alternative Media, featuring a fair amount of contemporary South Asian literature and culture – and poetry.
Language: English

 A lively online forum for writers in English.
Language: English

Pratilipi: A bilingual online quarterly magazine featuring Indian fiction, non-fiction and poetry. It aims to provide a space for conversation/debate between diverse sorts of writing and writers.
Language: English and Hindi

Biblio: A Review of Books
Established in 1995, this leading Indian bimonthly is devoted to ‘raising the awareness of literature, arts and ideas by creating an international forum for debate and discussion beyond partisan limits and national boundaries’ and offers a mix of reviews, essays and articles.
Language: English

Indian Literature
Established in 1957, this English bi-monthly published by the Sahitya Akademi (India’s national literary academy) seeks to make available to English readers at home and abroad the best of creative and critical writing from the major and minor literatures of India in English translation, alongside original writing in English.
Language: English

International Gallerie
Launched in 1997, this biannual literary and arts magazine is characterised by sophisticated production values.
Language: English

Kavya Bharati
A poetry journal from southern India, this twice-yearly publication welcomes contributions of poetry in English, review articles, essays on poetry or particular poets, well-recorded interviews with poets, and translations of poetry from Indian languages into English by resident and non-resident Indians and from citizens of other countries who have developed a past or current first-hand interest in India.
 Language: English

The Journal of the Poetry Society (India)
A half-yearly journal produced by The Poetry Society (India), this publication focuses on Indian poetry in English and in English translation, and also welcomes translations, reviews, review articles and essays on Indian poetry.
Language: English

The Little Magazine
A lively influential bimonthly print magazine devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism in South Asian languages, addressed to readers who ‘are sensitive and are looking for something more than what mainstream publishing can offer them’.
Language: English

An international book-magazine of ‘new writing, art and image’.


Sahitya Akademi
Established in 1954 by the Government of India, this National Academy of letters is an organisation committed to promoting Indian literature in all its linguistic and creative diversity through varied means: publications (books, journals, monographs and encyclopaedias), projects, literary activities (national and regional seminars, workshops, readings, lectures, travel grants to authors, cultural exchange programmes), awards and fellowships, and extensive library facilities.
Language: English

The Poetry Society (India)
Established in July 1984, The Poetry Society (India) was set up to promote Indian poetry and look after the interests of Indian poets, which it achieves by promoting translations, publishing a poetry journal and several anthologies, organising seminars, readings, workshops, lectures, awarding grants and prizes and conducting a well-known annual poetry competition.
Language: English

Study Centre for Indian Literature in English Translation (SCILET)
A centre with one of the largest databases in Asia for Indian literature in English, it has 8000-odd books by Indian and South Asian authors.
Language: English

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