Tuvia Ruebner turns 90


© DDP Images / Candy Welz.

Moving Words celebrates renowned Hebrew-language poet Tuvia Ruebner.

One of modern Hebrew’s greatest lyric poets, Tuvia Ruebner, Israel Prize laureate and 2012 recipient of the German Konrad Adenauer Literature Prize, turns 90 on 30 January, 2014. A philosophical poet whose topics range from personal loss to the moral potential of art, he modestly holds that he merely writes about “what I see from my window”. Ruebner was close to other Hebrew literary greats, including Lea Goldberg whose revealing letters to Ruebner have just been made public. 

If you don’t understand the discussion in Hebrew in the hour-long radio show Moving Words, which features Ruebner in conversation with radio host Anat Sharon-Blais, you may enjoy the Scarlatti sonatas in the background, from a recording made by his wife, pianist Galila Ruebner.

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