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Poetry International is only able to do what it does thanks to the contributions of many editors and organisations from around the world. We are always looking for new partners in our efforts to bring local poetry to an international audience.

Each of our current partners has a National Editor, who is responsible for the content and updating of his/her part of the Poetry International website, and has an advisory function within Poetry International as a whole. National Editors can make use of an editorial committee for advice. The size of the country in question or the presence of a number of important literary organisations may determine the usefulness of such a committee. It is up to the National Editor to assemble such a committee and to determine the character and the frequency of its cooperation. The National Editor is ultimately responsible for his/her site; all contact with the Central Bureau goes through him/her. 

The National Editor is appointed by the Central Bureau of Poetry International Festival Rotterdam in consultation with people and/or organisations in the country in question who are acquainted with the poetic landscape and the potential candidates. The Central Bureau will present a profile and task description to these people and/or organisations. The person(s) or organisations may themselves qualify for the function, or may be able to nominate a suitable candidate for the function on the basis of the profile and task description.

Each participating country has its own section of the site which features poets from that country 1 to 4 times a year, depending on the agreement with the Central Office in Rotterdam. It is also possible to present a one-off publication, if structural support for an ongoing domain is hard to find. The featured poet may be an emigrant or immigrant.

Financial contribution
Full partners each make a minimum annual contribution of €1.500 to Poetry International's efforts as a whole. Material benefits for contributing include:

  1. Increased visibility in recognition of your investment in the website.
  2. Increased festival presence, including future subsidy of room and board for editors visiting the festival.
  3. Regular access to website analytics and social media statistics.
  4. At higher levels of contribution, direct sponsorship of an unfunded domain in a priority country or continent unable to source its own publications. If you choose to adopt a domain for any number of years, your contribution would be recognised accordingly in the relevant publication and publicity.
Regular publications
A National Site will include a National “magazine” and national information such as links to other poetry websites. All material on the site, with the exception of the original poems, must be in English. A National Editor should:

  1. command a broad knowledge of the poetry of his/her country;
  2. be well-acquainted with institutions and activities relating to poetry in the country in question;
  3. have a network of translators, poets, editors, etc., in the country in question;
  4. have an excellent command of English;
  5. have some journalistic experience;
  6. have an affinity for and some experience of working with the Internet;
  7. if applicable, be acquainted with poetry from different language areas in his/her country, and/or with poets from his/her country living abroad;
  8. preferably be connected to some literary organisation in his/her country; the organisation should be politically independent and held in good repute by the target group. Preference will be given to literary organisations whose aims concur with those of Poetry International.

For more information about the tasks of a National Editor, or to suggest an individual, organisation, or funding body for this project, please contact the Central Editor, Mia You (you[@]

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