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Below is a current list of our independently funded, regularly publishing poetry partners, who maintain a National Site on Poetry International and provide us with fresh material several times each year. Here you can also find the name of each National Editor, who represents the official point of contact between Poetry International and the relevant organisation.

Our full partners contribute financially to the efforts of Poetry International as a whole, while our independent contributors donate time and material only, operating on a privately or personally-funded level. This list does not include the many freelance and centrally funded publications Poetry International publishes each year.

Full partners

: Flemish Literature Fund
National Editor: Patrick Peeters

China: Poetry East West
National Editor: Mindy Zhang

France: centre international de poésie Marseille
National Editor: Eric Giraud
Ireland: Munster Literature Centre
National Editor: Billy Ramsell

Netherlands: Dutch Foundation for Literature
National Editor: Thomas Möhlmann

Portugal: Direção Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas
National Editor: Assunção Mendonça
United Kingdom: The Poetry Society
National Editor: Judith Palmer

USA: Poetry Foundation
National Editor: Don Share

Independent contributors

Australia: Australia Council
National Editor: Michael Brennan

Croatia: privately funded
National Editor: Miloš Đurđević 

Germany: Literaturwerkstatt Berlin
National Editor: Heiko Strunk

Israel: Poetry Place/Ketovet
National Editor: Lisa Katz

Japan: privately funded
National Editor: Yasuhiro Yotsumoto

For information on how to become a partner, click here

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