Taja Kramberger
(Slovenia, 1970)   
Taja Kramberger

Taja Kramberger is a poet, historical anthropologist, essayist and translator. She is the editor-in-chief of the Monitor ISA: Review of Historical, Social and other Anthropologies (in Slovenian ZSA), lives in Ljubljana and is a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Littoral in Koper.

Born in 1970 in Ljubljana, Kramberger spent a part of her childhood in Koper/Capodistria, an old Venetian town on the Slovenian coast near the Italian border, and attended primary school there for four years. The family then moved to the capital, Ljubljana, where Kramberger went on to study archaeology and to graduate in history from the Faculty of Arts. She took up PhD studies in historical anthropology at the University of Littoral in Koper, where she was awarded a number of postgraduate fellowships in Paris and Budapest.

She has published four books of poetry, three of them in Slovenian: Marcipan (Marzipan, 1997), Spregovori morje (The Sea Says, 1999) and Zametni indigo (Velvet Indigo, 2004). A book of her poetry, Gegenströmung/ Protitok (2002), translated into German by Maja Haderlap, was published in a bibliophilic edition by the Austrian publisher Edition Thanhäuser in Ottensheim. Her fifth collection, a multi-lingual work, Mobilizacije/ Mobilizations/ Mobilisations/ Mobilitazioni, is due to be published soon. Her poems have appeared in various literary anthologies and reviews in Slovenian and other languages and she has translated collections of poetry by Michele Obit, Neringa Abrutyte and Roberto Juarroz into Slovenian.

In 2002, Kramberger was the principal artistic organizer and coordinator of the poetry translation workshop “Linguaggi di-versi/ Different Languages/ Langages di-vers” in Koper.

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In Slovenian:
Marcipan (Marzipan). Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana 1997.
Spregovori morje (The Sea Says). Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana 1999.
Gegenströmung/ Protitok (Counter-Current). Transl. Maja Haderlap, Edition Thanhäuser, Ottensheim 2002.
Zametni indigo (Velvet Indigo). LUD Literatura, Ljubljana 2004.

Translations in anthologies
In Italian:
Nuova Poesia Slovena. ZTTEST, Collana ALCHIMIE, 1, Trieste 1998.

In English:
The Fire Under the Moon. Chattanooga, USA 1999.
Ten Slovenian Poets of the Nineties. Slovene Writers’ Association, Ljubljana 2002.
A Fine Line: New Poetry from Eastern and Central Europe. Arc Publications, Todmorden, UK 2004.

As editor
Linguaggi di-versi/ Different Languages/ Langages di-vers: 4th International Workshop of Poetry and Translation. Ed. Taja Kramberger and Gasper Malej, Libris, Koper 2004.

Individual poems have appeared in magazines in Bulgarian, English, Finnish, French, Italian and Polish translation.

In Italian:
“A Poem for Those Who Deserve It”, translated by Michele Obit.


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