Liat Kaplan
(Israel, 1956)   
Liat Kaplan

Liat Kaplan, born on a kibbutz and today a resident of Tel Aviv, is a poet, creative writing teacher and an editor. She has published four books of poems to date.

Kaplan, the winner of numerous Israeli poetry prizes, has worked in cooperation with artist Tamara Rickman, photographers Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser and Eyal Ben-Dov, and the composer Ittai Rosenbaum. She has amassed nearly 30 years of teaching experience, 12 of them leading poetry workshops with the Helicon Society for the Advancement of Poetry.

Kaplan’s poetry is thematically varied: she sometimes touches on matters that particularly occupy women, but most of her work evinces a broad array of subjects beginning with literature and the plastic arts and ending in political and social issues. She makes use of a rich Hebrew and a rich range of poetic structures. Her poetry has been translated into English, German, Macedonian and Spanish. She has participated in many poetry festivals in Israel and abroad.

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In Hebrew
Tzel tzippor (Shadow of a Bird). Carmel, 2002.
Meshullashim (Triangles). Even Hoshen, 2001.
Ze-ze (That’s it). Carmel, 2000.
Bediyyuq kakh, ba-mitbax (Kitchen). Sifriyat Po‛alim, 1996.

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