Abdelilah Mouissi
(Morocco, 1964)   
Abdelilah Mouissi

Abdelilah Mouissi is a Moroccan poet, novelist and researcher. He is on the board of the Union of Moroccan Writers and is the director and chief editor of the Moroccan literary magazine Balaghat. He holds a Masters degree in literature and is currently writing his doctoral thesis, titled Rhetoric and femininity in ancient Arab prose.

Mouissi’s poetry is characterized by a firsthand experience of the reality around him, using direct language and a great deal of emotion to depict such experience.

As seen in his poem ‘I get poetry from seismic and volcano data, and weather forecasts.’, he also makes use of a great deal of irony, satire and parody, directed mainly at modernist Arab literary aesthetics for what he considers its elitist, pathetic and idiosyncratic nature. 

© Norddine Zouitni


Tahmi bi aswahiha abiadaha (Hiding black with white). RLG publications, Ksar El Kebir, 2014
Aqtani shi’ra bil masterkard (I purchase poetry with a Mastercard). Seliki publications, Tangier, 2015

Maram (Narratives). Union of Moroccan Writers publications, Rabat, 2013
Imra’a qalilan (A bit of a woman). RLG publications, Ksar El Kebir, 2014
Haouass sirriah (Secret senses). Forthcoming.
Bitawqit al ihsass (Emotionally timed). Forthcoming.

Poem ‘Parking Jack Kerouac : It seems I’m in need of an emtional  aptitude certificate’, translated by Norddine Zouitni, in Tulips Magazine #7


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