Claudiu Komartin
(Romania, 1983)   
Claudiu Komartin

Claudiu Komartin was born in Bucharest. His first book, Păpușarul și alte insomnii (The puppeteer and other insomnias, 2003), won the most prestigious award for a literary debut in Romania, instantaneously making him a young and acknowledged voice of his generation. In addition to writing poetry, Komartin is active as a translator and editor.

As a poet, Komartin is not only concerned with his contemporaries but actively supports poetry from his native country, having edited three anthologies of Romanian poetry. Still, he maintains his position as an important younger poet by regularly publishing new work. Following his debut, he has published the collections Circul domestic (Domestic circus, 2005), which was awarded the Romanian Academy Poetry Prize; Un anotimp în Berceni (A season in Berceni, 2009); and Cobalt (2013). 

Komartin is also an internationally-connected poet. Between 2011-2012, he was the resident writer at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, after which he published the long poem ‘Poem for Pop’ in Long Poem magazine. He is also a translator of French, English and Italian literature. His international engagement is also expressed by his growing audience, with his work having been translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Flemish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Serbian, Turkish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Japanese and Korean.

Komartin is the editor-in-chief of the Poesis International magazine and of Casa de Editură Max Blecher (Max Blecher Publishing).

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Păpușarul și alte insomnii (The puppetteer and other insomnias), Editura Vinea, Bucharest, 2003
Circul domestic (Domestic circus) , Editura Cartea Romanească, Bucharest, 2005
Un anotimp în Berceni (A season in Berceni), Editura Cartier, Kishinev, 2009
Cobalt, Casa de Editură Max Blecher, Bistrița, 2013

In translation
Und wir werden die maschinen für uns weinen lassen. Selections in German. Trans. Georg Aescht. Ed. Korrespondenzen, Vienna, 2012
Vrpce potaman za balu mesa. Serbian. Trans. Ljubinka Stankov Perinac. Treći Trg, Beograd, 2015 
Bir Garip Roman. Turkish. Trans. Gokcenur C. Yitik Ülke Yayınları, Istanbul, 2015

Komartin's personal blog
Website of Poesis International
Website of Casa de Editură Max Blecher
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