Gloria Dünkler
(Chile, 1977)   
Gloria Dünkler

Gloria Dünkler is the descendant of artisans, musicians and fishermen. She received the 2010 Academy Award from the Chilean Academy of Language; the 2013 Critics Award; the 2013 Municipal Prize of Literature of Santiago; and the Honorable Mention in 2010 by the same institution. She was also awarded the Creative Writing Scholarship offered by the National Book Council of Chile (CNCA) in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Dünkler also won the international prize ‘Los puños de la Paloma’ in 2008.

A significant theme in Dünkler’s work has been the settlement of the first German colonialists in the Mapuche territory, and the contrasts and conflicts between the two cultures. In addition to being included in numerous anthologies, Dünkler is the author of three books: Quilaco seducido (2003), Füchse von Llafenko (2009) and Spandau (2012). 

Her work have been translated into German, Catalan, English and Braille language.

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Quilaco Seducido, self-published, Pucón, 2003
Fûchse von Llafenko, Ediciones Tácitas, Santiago, 2009
Spandau, Ediciones Tácitas, Santiago, 2012

Profile and poems on Lyrikline (in German)
Interview with Centro Alemán de Información (in Spanish)
Video of a conversation between Dünkler, José Leandro Urbina and Diego Ramírez


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