Marcela Parra
(Chile, 1981)   
Marcela Parra

Marcela Parra is the author of Silabario/Mancha (published in Chile by Ediciones del Temple, 2008, and in Spain by Ediciones Liliputienses, 2012) and Ambulancia (published in Chile by Ediciones Cuadrodetiza, 2010, and Argentina by Ediciones Cuadrodetiza+Editorial Vox, 2011). 

In 2008 she received the Enrique Lihn Award in the XXIX National Young Art & Poetry Prize (University of Valparaíso). She won the Pablo Neruda Foundation Fellowship in 2005 and the Fellowship for Emergent Writers of the National Council of Culture and Fine Arts of the Chilean Government in 2008.

Parra also has been included in the ‘Bombing of Poems’ by the Casagrande group over Berlin and London, as well as in several poetry anthologies and magazines published in Chile, Perú, Argentina, México, England, Spain and Germany.

© Julio Carrasco (Translated by Erin Stagg)



Ambulancia, Ediciones Cuadrodetiza, Santiago de Chile, 2010, and Ediciones Cuadrodetiza+Editorial Vox, Buenos Aires, 2011
Silabario/Mancha, Ediciones del Temple, Santiago de Chile, 2008, and Ediciones Liliputienses, Cáceres, 2012

Video of Parra singing ‘En estos momentos’ in Madrid
Profile and poems, in Spanish, on Los poetas del cinco


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