Cristóbal Joannon
(Chile, 1974)   
Cristóbal Joannon

Cristóbal Joannon, born in Santiago, 1974, is a Chilean poet and essayist. He earned a Masters degree in Argumentative Discourse at University of Amsterdam and went on to become a lecturer in Rhetoric and Theory of Argumentation in the Faculty of Law at the Universidad de Chile. Currently, he is part of the editorial board of Ediciones Biblioteca Nacional de Chile and director of the translations team of Ediciones Tácitas.

Joannon is the author of two books of poetry,Tabula rasa (2005) and Sumario (2011), both published by Ediciones Tácitas.

He also has translated a volume of poems by Philip Larkin, titled Decepciones (2013), and Herakleitos and Diogenes (2012) by Guy Davenport. With Agata Raczynska, a Polish artist and illustrator, he published Lobo a la vista (2013); the book was awarded the Banco del Libro Award (Venezuela, 2014) and the Amster-Coré Award (Chile, 2014).

In 1994, Joannon published an autobiographical essay, No soy de ningún equipo. 

He was the recipient of a fellowship for creative writing from the Pablo Neruda Foundation in 1995.

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Tabula rasa, Ediciones Tácitas, Santiago, 2005
Sumario, Ediciones Tácitas, Santiago, 2011

Collaboration with Agata Raczynska
Lobo a la vista, Amanuta, Santiago, 2013

Guy Davenport, Herakleitos and Diogenes, Ediciones Tácitas, Santiago, 2012
Philip Larkin, Decepciones, Universidad de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, 2013

Essay ‘Espacia eterno’, in Spanish, for Revista Dossier
Animated trailer for Lobo a la vista


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