Eugénie Paultre
(France, 1979)   
Eugénie Paultre

Eugénie Paultre was born in Paris. She studied philosophy and passed successfully the exam for the agrégation de philosophie (a high-level teaching accreditation). She then taught at the University of Paris, Sorbonne. Poetry, painting and film editing are different ways for her to listen and to respond to the particular density of the presence of life.

It has become clearer than ever, since Nietzsche's revolution in thinking on matters philosophical, that poetry is the highest horizon of thinking. There are a few poets in our days, very few in fact, that work in that direction, I mean who are capable to capture, so to speak, thinking in its essential wildness, at its very source, where, like for rivers, the water is at its purest. Eugénie Paultre is certainly one of them. 

© Etel Adnan


L’état actuel des choses, Al Manar/Alain Gorius, Neuilly, 2012
Hiver, Al Manar/Alain Gorius, Neuilly, 2013 
Nous verrons bien (with drawings by Etel Adnan), Editions Moon Rainbow, Berlin, 2013

In English 
Winter (trans. Simone Fattal, Cole Swensen, Etel Adnan), The Post-Apollo Press, Sausalito, 2014

Five poems at Recours au Poème
Video of Paultre and Adnan reading in Zurich, 2014
Profile at the Centre international de poésie Marseille


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