Ilan Sheinfeld
(Israel, 1960)   
Ilan Sheinfeld

Writer and Gay activist Ilan Sheinfeld was born in Tel Aviv. He is one of the first Gay Israeli artists to spend an entire career out of the closet. Sheinfeld founded and directed, at his residence, the first Hebrew workshop for Gay writers (1992-1995). In 1998 he established Shufra, the first Gay and Lesbian Hebrew publishing house for original and translated literature. And in 2000, he opened Café Theo, a Gay coffeehouse and bookstore in Tel Aviv named for Theo Mainz, a German Jewish immigrant to Israel, a nutritionist and public health worker, one of the founders of what was to become the Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered in Israel. The café closed in 2002, due to neighborhood opposition to its presence. For his activities in the field of Gay culture, in 2005 Sheinfeld was recognized by the community with its Outstanding Citizen’s award.

Sheinfeld has published nine collections of poetry, four novels, three plays, two books for young poets and five children’s books. Three of his plays have been staged and he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Literature in 1990. He received his M.A degree in Hebrew Literature from Tel Aviv University, where he founded and edited the literary magazine Shufra (1984-6).  He served as co-editor of the literary section of the leftwing Al Hamishmar newspaper (1981-1990) and as the spokesman for the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv (1990-1992). Since 1992 he has managed his own public relations company. He teaches writing workshops as part of the Open University's Eskolot Series.
Sheinfeld is the single parent of twin boys born to a surrogate mother.

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Enchanted Lizard, [Letaʹa Mechushefet] Martef 29/ Eked, Tel Aviv, 1981
Making Love with the Tongue, [Osim Ahava Ba-Lashon: Shirim 1977-1983] Dvir, Tel Aviv, 1984
Lines to a Friend in Parting, [Turim Le-Reʹa Bi-Freda] Aleph, Tel Aviv, 1987
It Begins with Love, [Ve-Reshito Ahava] Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Tel Aviv, 1989
Temporary, [Araʹi] Tamuz/ Writers Association, Tel Aviv, 1992
Taschlich, Tag, Tel Aviv, 1994
Karet, Shufra, Tel Aviv, 1997
The Tourist Guide, [Ha-Madrich La-Tayar] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 2003
Poetry Treasure, [Otzar Shirim] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 2013
Poets School: The Writers Manual (non-fiction) [Beit Sefer Li-Mshorerim: Madrich Maʹasi Le-Sofrim U-Li-Mshorerim], Shufra, Tel Aviv, 1997
Siedlce (novel), [Shedletz: Zichronot] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 1999
Only You (novel), [Rak Ata] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 2000
The Poetry Workshop (non-fiction [Ha-Sadna Le-Shira]), Shufra, Tel Aviv, 2005
A Tale of a Ring (novel)  [Maʹaseh Be-Tabaʹat], Keter, Jerusalem, 2007
When the Dead Returned (novel) [Kshe-Ha-Metim Chazru], Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan,  Or Yehuda, 2012
From the Heart of Tel Aviv (youth), [Min Ha-Lev Shel Tel-Aviv] Dvir, Tel Aviv, 1984
Peace (picture book), [Shalom] Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Tel Aviv, 1989      
Margolis’ Strange Book, [Ha-Sefer Ha-Meshuneh Shel Margolis] Hakibbutz Hameuchad, Tel Aviv, 1991
There is no Such Bird: Kortsipa (picture book),  [Eyn Tzipor Kazo, Kortsipa] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 1999
A Kingdom Named Collision (picture book), [Mamlacha U-Shma Kolisya] Shufra, Tel Aviv, 2007
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A complete bibliography for the poet: Ohio State University Lexicon of Contemporary Hebrew Literature

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