Anne Portugal
(France, 1949)   
Anne Portugal

Born in Angers, France, Anne Portugal is a poet and a translator. She lives in Paris, where she teaches French, contemporary literature, and writing, as well as the occasional course in rhetoric to students of advertising. 

She has published widely in journals and anthologies, and has collaborated with artists, art museums, and the radio program France-Culture. Together with Abigail Lang and Vincent Broqua, she is currently translating Caroline Bervall’s Meddle English.

© Jean-Jacques Poucel, La Presse Publisher

Selected Bibliography

In English
Nude, tr. Norma Cole, Kelsey Street Press, 2001
Quisite moment, tr. Rosmarie Waldrop, Burning Deck Press, 2007
and people happy to go swimming, tr. Jean-Jacques Poucel, in POEM, Fishdrum, 2009
absolute bob, tr. Jennifer Moxley, Burning Deck Press, 2010
flirt formula, tr. Jean-Jacques Poucel, La Presse, 2012

Links (in French)
Anne Portugal’s French bibliography


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