Zehra Nigah
(Pakistan, 1937)   
Zehra Nigah

Zehra Nigah was born into a literary family on 14th May 1937 in Hyderabad, India. Her writing career began at a very young age. Although her father worked in government, he passed down his keen interest in poetry to his children. She migrated to Pakistan in 1947.

Besides her writing, Nigah has also became known for her spellbinding renditions in mushairas or poetry recitals both in Pakistan and India, where she is eagerly received. For her immense contribution to literature she has been awarded the Pride of Performance award in Pakistan (Urdu: تمغۂ حسنِ کارکردگی‎—Tamga-e Husn-e Karkardagi), one of the highest civil awards conferred by the Government of Pakistan on Pakistani civilians in recognition of distinguished merit in the fields of Literature, Arts, Sports, Medicines, and Science.

Nigah currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Majmua-i-Kalaam, Sang-e-meel Publications, Lahore, 2012: a collection of all three poetry collections of Zehra Nigah, including:

Shaam ka Pehla Taara [The First Star of Evening] 
Warq [Page] 
Firaq [Separation]


Travelling together, arm in arm, with Zehra Nigah

Feminist Poets of Pakistan


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