Oscarine Bosquet
(France, 1964)   
Oscarine Bosquet

Oscarine Bosquet’s Present Participle is a call to act in language through a radical form of listening – to history, through the political leader and prisoner Rosa Luxembourg, and to our present, through the metaphorical and literal prisons we construct all around us. Bosquet’s writing listens to the extent that its very body is affected, with a vocabulary and syntax that continually haunt a shifting verbal landscape.

Oscarine Bosquet lives in Brest where she lectures on the relationships between art and politics at the School of Fine Arts. She is the author of Chromo (Fourbis, 1997), Abstractions Façonnées (Processus Bleu Editions, 2008) ; Participe présent, (Le bleu du ciel éditions, 2009), and Mum is Down, (Al Dante, 2012). Mum is Down has been translated into English by Simone Fattal and Cole Swensen (Post-Apollo Press, 2013). Bosquet translated Idem by Michael Palmer (Format Américain, 1996) and edited the group translation of The Book of Who Are Was by Benjamin Hollander (Créaphis, 1997).

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