Claude Royet-Journoud
(France, 1941)   
Claude Royet-Journoud

One of France’s most important post-1968 poets, Claude Royet-Journoud developed a spare style that explores the implications of the page as a stage for a poetics of immanence. His tetralogy, published by Gallimard from 1972 to 1997, is already a classic in the long tradition of French poetic innovation that goes back to Villon.

Michael Palmer once said that “Chief inspector Royet-Journoud’s famously elemental drama of the page – the word, the body, the book – is like no other. At the site of a language shorn of metaphor and conventional poetic device arises a multi-dimensional narrative, one not imposed but gradually disclosing itself. The tale resides as much in the silences as in the signs.”

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Selected Bibliography

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His work has also appeared in Acts, Conjunctions, Temblor, o-blek, New Directions, Moving Letters, Lingo, Towards a New Poetics (ed. Serge Gavronsky, University of California Press), & Code of Signals (ed. Michael Palmer, North Point Press).

Claude Royet-Journoud’s French Bibliography


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