Wawn Awng
(Burma, 1942)   
Wawn Awng

Wawn Awng was born in Um Uma village, Sumpra Bum Township, Kachin State, Myanmar. He earned a BA degree in History through distance education from Mandalay University. He first worked as an office clerk in the government civil service and later as a general administrator throughout Myanmar. When he retired in 2002, he was serving as general administrator in Sumpra Bum Township, his home township.

Wawn Awng is well-known in Kachin literary circles. His poems regularly appear in literary and theological magazines, such as My Htoi Ma and Maling Hpung Tsin. His poems are often read in community ceremonies - World AIDS Day, World Environment Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Christmas and Kachin Thanksgiving. In addition to poetry, Want Awng has published ten books on Kachin history, culture and two volumes of short stories. Wawn Awng’s pennames inlude Uma Awng, Hkasha Uma Awng and Hkasha Din Awng.

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