Batsirai E. Chigama
Batsirai E. Chigama

Batsirai E. Chigama is a name largely associated with spoken word in Zimbabwe. Her work is featured in several poetry anthologies in USA, England, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. She has travelled to perform at different festivals in the region, as well as in Denmark and Italy.

In 2013, a selection of Chigama’s poetry was featured on Poetry International alongside five other Zimbabwe women poets. She also appeared in the Prairie Schooner Winter Issue, ‘Women and The Global Imagination’, 2014.

In 2014-15 Batsirai was appointed the ‘Woman Scream’ International Poetry Festival organiser for Zimbabwe.

A published short-story writer, she dedicates some of her time to write on the arts and culture in Zimbabwe for the local website Zimbo Jam. Chigama has also become a contributor for POVO Magazine Women’s Edition. She says she would like to lend her voice to the women whose voices are silenced the world over.

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Batsirai Chigama’s personal website
Poet profile on Badilisha Poetry
YouTube channel with videos of performances


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