Aung Cheimt
(Burma, 1948)   
Aung Cheimt

Aung Cheimt was born in 1948 and was educated at four or five different schools as a child. From 1970, when his books of poems To Victories on Mekong River Banks and Too Afraid to Receive a Letter Asking Me Out for a Date were published, he became one of the guardians of the ‘Moe Wei Movement’, named after the legendary Moe Wei magazine that promoted what was considered to be avant-garde poetry of the time.

Aung Cheimt was so closely associated with the magazine that, at one stage, he even served as ‘volunteer editor’. After he had edited and published a few collections together with his friends from the Rangoon Institute of Technology in the post-Moe Wei era, he did not write any new poems for a few years, then re-emerged in the second Moe Wei era in the mid 1970s. He has published at least a dozen collections, and two poem sequences, Hellenic Ma Ma (1979) and Journey through Jungle (2010). Some of his most notable volumes include Cruel Music on Dead Leaves (1974), in collaboration with Maung Chaw Nwe and Phaw Way, Twelve Poems (1995), History Textbook (2002) with Maung Chaw Nwe, Story Teller (2005), My Squiggles on This Page (2006) and Favourite Poet (2008). Aged sixty-four, he somehow survives solely on the income from his poetry, publishing regularly in weekly journals in Rangoon, and remaining prolific.

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A page dedicated to Aung Chemit by poet Khin Aung Aye (in Burmese)


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