Joseph Julien Guglielmi
(France, 1929)   
Joseph Julien Guglielmi

Born 1929 in Marseille of Italian parents, at the end of the war Guglielmi discovers jazz and meets other poets, Jean Malrieu, Gérald Neveu, Jean Tortel, Henri Deluy, Jean-Jacques Viton and Cayrol. He contributes to several magazines including Action poétique, Cahiers du Sud, Mantéia, and Le collet de Buffle.

After moving to Paris, Guglielmi discovers Edmond Jabès and Claude Royet-Journoud and publishes seven books including La préparation des titres. As well as giving public readings both in France and abroad, he also translates American poets including Spicer, Eigner, Rothenberg, Coolidge, R.M. Waldrop and Norma Cole.
Guglielmi's poetry ranges from the radiant simplicity of Aube (1968) to the erudition-saturated La préparation des titres (1980) and pursues its enterprise of multilingual dislocation up to Travelogue (2000). He currently lives in Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine.



La préparation des titres (1980)
Aube (1968, new expanded edition 1984)
Fin de vers (1986)
Das, la mort, éditions parenthèses (1987)
Le mouvement de la mort(1988)
Joe’s Bunker (1991)
K. ou le Dit du passage (1992)
Xoxo, with Tita Reut and Arman (1996)
du shunt with Tita Reut, paintings by J.L. Herman (1993)
Grungy project (1997)
Afrikan Matricule(1997)

Le tableau du cœur (1986)


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