Raúl Henao
(Colombia, 1944)   
Raúl Henao

Raúl Henao. “Poet by trade and one of singular vision. A magician with words and architect of dreams” (Stefan Baciu).

In 1981 he represented his country in the Second Congress of Spanish Language Writers held in Caracas, Venezuela, with the presentation: “The Identity of Latin American Surrealist Poetry”. In 1982, he co-authored the important poetry anthology Antología de Poetas Parasurrealistas Latinoamericanos (with Stefan Baciu), which was published in Mele magazine (XVII, 56) of Honolulu, Hawaii. Henao writes for surrealist magazines like Dunganon (Sweden), Ojo de Aguijón (France), Arsenal (USA), and La Tortue-Lièvre (Canada) on a regular basis. In 2001 he participated in the International Poetry Festival of Curtea de Arges, Rumania.


Duel of Carnival and Lent (Ed. Gamma, Medellín, 1973).
The Lion´s Share (Ed. Monte Ávila, Caracas, 1978).
Night Drinker (Cúcuta, 1978).
The Uncast Die (Ed. Fundarte, 1980).
Black Sun (Ed. Unicornio, Medellín, 1985).
The Devil´s Party (Ed. Lealon, Medellin, 1989).
The Mirrors’ Viceroy (Ed. El Oso Hormiguero, Medellín, 1996).
Life a la Carte (Ed. Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín, 1998).


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