Giovanni Quessep
(Colombia, 1939)   
Giovanni Quessep

Giovanni Quessep was born in San Onofre, Sucre, Colombia, in 1939.

Quessep is a poet, essayist and university professor. He studied Philosophy and Letters. In Italy, he specialized in Renaissance Poetry and Dantis Reading. He has been a collaborator with Plural, Eco, Aquarimántima, Casa Silva magazine, the Gazette of Colcultura, among other publications.

Song of one leaving
A reading of William Blake
Song of the two roses
Arch of ice
On the way to Damascus
Questions to Orpheus

After Paradise (Después del Paraíso), 1961.
Being is not a Fable (El ser no es una fábula), 1968.
Duration and Legend (Duración y leyenda), 1972.
The Foreigner’s Song (Canto del extranjero), 1976.
Book of the Enchanted (Libro del encantado), 1978.
Madrigals of Life and Death (Madrigales de vida y muerte), 1978.
Preludes (Preludios), 1980.
Death of Merlin (Muerte de Merlín), 1985.
A Garden and a Desert (Un jardín y un desierto), 1993
Poetic Anthology (Antología poética), 1993

Memories of the X International Poetry Festival of Medellín
Language: Spanish
Poetic Magazine La Palabra Viva
Language: Spanish
Virtual library of the Banc of the Republic
Language: Spanish
Romapoesia 98, Festival dei la Parola
Language: Italian



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