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We have arrived and stopped.
The dead tired partisan squad collapsed on the ground and
fell asleep. Only I was unable to find peace, the goal hid itself, I
lost the shortest way to oblivion.
My disconsolate spirit keeps searching, roaming from
darkness to light, from snow to blooming linden trees, from slopes
to valleys, from streets to primal forests, through wind and silence,
through moonlight and storms.
We resemble those who in ancient times made their
pilgrimage through the Red Sea barefoot, on horseback, armored,
with spears in their hands and fire in their eyes; with song on their
lips and longing in their hearts, calloused, burdened, scarred, dusty,
hunchbacked, loyal and happy they searched for the promised land.
The primal weight of time, cramming, cursing, praying, draws me
behind itself, pushing me. from behind, going always forward,
never backward.
One day I will pause on the forest edge at nightfall, the
evening sun will make me squint, and I'll shelter my eyes with
feverish hands and see before me a fertile clearing, green fields,
a fenced orchard, and a house among the trees, with barns and
a sunken bed in a depression of hay.
Then and only then will find my peace, close my eyes,
lean on my comrades, and wander into the wild like a sleep-walker
on a roof, stuttering incoherently as if from a vision:
"When one finds the land, why seek the sky?”