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Visionary Eulogy (part 5)

Rarely did I whisper my erotic poems to you . . .
A single eyelash twitch suffices
To awaken the soul from its slumber . . .
To distress a flock of sand-grouses in their nests
To open the gate of probability
Towards a mutilated poem
That might wail, but never come . . .
Or thus whoop the falling nights!
My own night was not enough
As I stared at the same glare fading slowly into
The blossoms of speech . . .
Perplexed larvae ripped up on the loom of
My own killing letters.
Marble thirst beat me
With a feeble whip.
I aimed thus the spark of nostagia at your secret water . . .
O disdainful passer-by
Let our words fall like hail
On the jujube trees of time
Let us by means of water
Pay allegiance to the metaphor therein
So that poetry exalts in us . . .
Let us see the dead sea  off towards its own exile
Let us wait a little . . .
Tell me
Why are poets first to die?