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Once there were songs sung,
Sung against the breath
Of the wind.
On brown faraway hills,
Under deep blue pools
And in enclosed caves.
Songs of myth,
Songs of legend.

Songs about the steady thrum of life,
About the first hunt
And the bush
The rain
The harvest
The summer
The food.
Songs about love
The serenity of life.

Then there came songs
Of mourning,
Of regret
As an identity was stolen.
Songs of death, hate,
Delusion and fear.

Then there were songs
That filled townships
With beats of freedom and love.
Songs of patriotism,
Songs that muffled
The noises of guns,
Of screams
And explosions.

Songs that touched
The desolate villages,
That created a spark within the silence.

With a burst of lightning
Songs of celebration came,
Of freedom,

Now what song do I hear?
Do I understand?
All songs are distortions.
Help me sing a song
About you
And me
And this, our troubled nation.