Somewhere out of antiquity someone work with me.
When transferring a thought, the connectors and clauses
recede: you get it. I got it – 
The rest of the language, beauty and play
I am your master, the thought says – 
       I disagree

I’m thinking about the church where we
held my brother’s funeral. He says, I was there:
it hurt me; you cried too much; I don’t mind
later. I just want to be with you, the thought says
You mean thee thought or his thought?
The rocks are like stars, gully full of stars.
If I go with anyone anywhere, if they’d
think sweetly to me. No one hears. Relax your shoulders.

I’m singing to you over and over “to a new sex.”
Sometimes it seems like there’s a lizard for each rock
necklaces of lives,
                              there’s room for an infinity
of minds. Thoughts. Anywhere. Enter my head
if you wish. No ends or purposes
Prevailed fortunes. I have a destiny. My death
will not complete it.