The moonlight snatched and ran away with
The little jasmine in front of my house;
The decapitated sun
Collected his own corpse and disappeared into the deep ocean;
The lovely miseries that had to be ransomed with life
Because they cannot be redeemed with love;
The miles that I can see but keep me divided;
The miles that I can touch but cannot have;
The miles that a malnutritious patient must travel;
The miles that burn bright on this moonlit night;
The affection that’s more painful than pain itself;
The cold hands of separation, the touch of the night’s specter;
Cigarette smokes schizophrenically wonder in a room;
The melody of a flowing stream that drips onto a white canvas;
The bells that rang before they’re tolled,
Though they must not be left untold –
So many miles in a moonlit night!
Between the half shadow that meets me
And the screeching screams that greet me
From many miles away,
How did the jasmine fall?
How did I perish?
Answer me . . .