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Chitchat between Hitler and Che Guevara at a Beer Garden
the loser because he has lost    the winner because he has lost    if only he didn’t lose
his battle here    if only he was not captured    if only he was not tried at the military
court    if only he was not executed    if only the revolution did not end    if only, if
only    in the beer garden cigarette smoke wafts around, almost retching    in the
wavering watery air everything looks the same    laughter breaks out    Cheers! Hitler
and Che in the flesh, chitchatting    rock stars with sought-after brands    toothbrush
moustache, a cigar, swastika printed on a beret    now this is vogue for the youth
youths, youths, the new generation    the future of mother earth    youths who didn’t
witness the gas chamber    youths who missed their guerrilla wars thanks to
deforestation    they are fanatical    one shot, another shot    just top it up    the
youths are all ears    ears that wouldn’t flinch    Heil Hitler! Heil Che!    if there had
been internet back then the Jews would have been cleansed even faster    Che,
what’s next when your online revolution is over    by the way    what about guerrilla
warfare to eliminate Jews    for food security, to solve the financial crisis, to combat
poverty, to save the environment, for population control, will the gas chamber be a
solution again    they have downed the past (not a drop left)    they have streamed the
future down into their glasses    in the end, a mutual agreement has been reached
only the two of them, confiding    one more shot, come on    do you know    are you
also interested    do you want me to tell you    the perfect meeting of minds without
the need for negotiation    you might know    everyone here knows beer is not liquor –
that’s that!