The source material for a found poem can be
any piece of writing whatsoever.
After the initial act of selection
may follow excision,
or even, to a certain extent,
Or it may be simply
a question of selection.
So be it.

The writer of found poems will require the following articles
1.  A hammer will be found most generally useful.
2.  Stout and thin paper, and some of a soft kind
     for wrapping up specimens.
3.  String, sealing wax.

A Copy
A copy is a direct replica of a pre-
existing work.
            It is not illegal
to make a copy, provided there are no
attempts to make anyone believe
it is an original work.
Marcel Duchamp never tired of saying
The most important element
in a picture
     is its frame.
in a sculpture,
     its plinth.

Poet's Note: Notes:
1. Text is from the introduction to Malcom Parr’s pamphlet, ‘Found Poems’, 1972.
2. Ibid.
3. Text is from a footnote from The Metropolitan Police Services’ Investigation of Fakes and Forgeries exhibition at the V&A.
4. Text is a quote from Germaine Greer