London Eye
A celebration, the family circle
and we wish all to be as one or else
the runaway bicycle wheel of the years
the heaviest link of
is its loaded band of Christmas gifts
as populated as the landing platform of the London Eye

Bring on the Solstice Bells
under the lit-up tree
I’m off here

I’ve been taking a dose of my own medicine
and in my own bedpressing ways
watched Christmas songs of years bygone
– the 80s mainly –

dosed up on my self prescription to you, Sister Electron,
artfully in repose alone in your room
or the womb of a circuit orbitale.

O yes, I hear what I say
an oracle speaks to itself

filtering out the human mind
basking in cosmic rays that beam you
just enough of a leap of electron volts to escape orbit
in less than an instant . . .

People trickling off the London Eye
with their eyes rolling