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The Dog and the Hunter
In scarcity, master and dog are friends, 
Tied around the neck, the hunter drags him along.
In thick, dark forests, Zvichapera runs loose.
Sniffing and trekking game, Zvichapera leads.
Behind trees and ditches,
Game dodges the dog.

With energy, the hound sniffs,
Searching and chasing, Zvichapera works at the double,
Dodging trees and collapsing on roughened rocks;
With determination, Zvichapera struggles on,
With little sympathy, the master encourages him.
Playing the rear-guard, he strolls behind.

Once again, the two unite,
Seeming to share duties.
The hunter initiates, the dog implements,
A division of mental and manual work.

A warm welcome awaits the hunter
at home
With a big stick, the dog is beaten
for stealing meat
While the hunter calmly munches juicy flesh.
The bones are thrown to Zvichapera.

From one rubbish pit to another, Zvichapera
Until the next hunt, he is neither wanted
nor fed.