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In the school toilets
I push the door to
three rubbishy students are smoking in the toilets
the fug is so thick I nearly choke
but I'm not like that dickhead School Secretary
he’s been lecturing people in this school for a decade or so
but all he’s good for is installing more iron gates
me, I’ve basically lost the heart for education
nor are toilets an ideal spot for instruction
and besides, I’m no longer sure sometimes
who’s actually teaching who here
I can't handle the cool and the youthful rebelliousness our times have infected them with
I aim myself at the urinal
holding my breath
but my prostate suddenly refuses to function
they stand there behind me sizing things up
leaning against a dirty white wall puffing away
and in the buzz of the nicotine
they’re probably getting to grips with all the ins and outs of a teacher's cock
that done, they signal their common knowledge with furtive laughter
time elapses in silence, second by second
but not a drop of my piss appears
bloody hell I just can’t manage to piss in front of students
it’s much tougher even than pissing in public
up to the moment when I am forced to do up my zip
time elapses in awkwardness, second by second
I felt as if three Mafia heavies
were overseeing their hostage’s trip to the toilet
I felt so anxious I couldn’t piss