(Love) Poems

his hands look as if they were made in some workshop they rest in
his pockets

if this is of no use to you then let me take it I found it while coming
out nothing special but I had been wanting to buy flower-pots for
some years now – I thought why would he deny me no one had
ever seen him trying to grow anything

his eyes are like my neighbours’ – they do not know me

no he said suddenly like a stranger if he hadn’t spoken like that I
would have said alright and gone but he wanted to say something
some story about that flower-pot which he would make up that
very moment

he kisses like a soldier years later someone will cut his lips with a

I came out the flower-pot stayed there forever – he took a gun and
put it in the pot like a plant and started looking around the house
for water


in a dream he asked me to make tea he had come from a long trip
to many cities I started cutting okra for him he said he wanted to
eat idli so I started doing that I had already taken his clothes for
washing when he turned into a small plant and I thought how will
he tell me that I have to water him there has been no water in the
house for two days maybe he realized my predicament so he
turned into water and started flowing and I thought he’d flow out
of the house so I started gathering him in my hands and filling him
into pots when he shouted how long does it take you to make tea I
said I have only two hands let me finish one thing the way you’re
getting angry – as if we have already started living together


my fingers were seeing how even a pocket could be barren he was
sleeping I was sure I would not be caught I thought as I put my
hand in his pocket that there would be some coins some notes
maybe a wallet a phone some papers cards but it was a completely
barren pocket there was not even a story there and look at him
sleeping so content
in the morning he said someone left their fingers in my pocket
what will I do with these useless fingers that lost to the emptiness
of a pocket