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Gore rino hakuvatwi
                tisina kuzvigadzira
Rino gore hakurarwi
                 tisina kuzvipedza

Hatingaregi uchiwondonga, takangotarisa
Hatingaregi uchibvoronga, takangonyarara
Hatingaregi uchiwondomora, takangodzvondora
Hatingaregi uchibvonyonga, takangoduka

Zuva riya wakatuka mbuya, tikazvinyarara
Riya zuva wakatengesa pfuma, tikangonyarara
Nezuro wakapisa dura, tikazvinyarara

Nhasi woisa tsvina mutsime?
                        tsvina mutsime?
                        tsvina mutsime?
We shall not sleep
No-one is going to sleep a wink this year
                till we fix this whole mess
No-one is going to close an eyelid
                till we get to the bottom of this

We can’t just watch while you tear things down
We can’t just keep quiet while you stir up storms
We can’t just stare while you bring the walls down
We can’t just cross our arms while you cook up a stink

That day you assaulted granny, we said nothing
The other day you sold the family milk cow, we said nothing
Only yesterday you set fire to the family granary, again we said nothing

And, now today?
Today will you shit in the water-well?
                shit in the well?
                shit in the family water-well?