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Death caught Mrs. Almozlino by the throat.
It wasn’t nice of him,
it was rude.
Mrs. Almozlino writhed in the clutches of that psychopath.
The stuffed peppers sizzled on the flame,
a delicious smell filled the whole kitchen.
Mr. Applestein smelled it on the staircase and envied Mr. Almozlino.
Mr. Almozlino glanced at his watch and smiled to himself.
Ruth Almozlino, married to Yoram Shaked, parked her car.
Mrs. Almozlino tried to grab hold of the table but didn’t make it.
Shaul Almozlino came out of the officers’ mess speaking to Sergeant Drora as they walked.
Mrs. Almozlino shed all her shame.
Mrs. Almozlino toppled like a bottle.
The next day Mr. Applestein told Mrs. Cohen: we’re lucky the whole house didn’t catch fire.