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Typographical err Or makes me live you more
peach day; all the fruitiest
salad days of my unastounding youth
fresh firm to ouch, sluice running rivulets 
down my hum-dingers
leaves of green a sticky miss. Wilt. Upturned fascia to cuss,
my inner coast dealings on display, 
here they are 4 all 2 cc. Can I 
whistle fluent profanities to you if my mood autocorrects 
song to joy always as
sing tomboy 
and says you are a shit?
Moonlight soon after by compost Lord pig’s van, 
my blind blissful germ and his bland loaves. Fly this motion 
through a sow’s and years. Take a sissy stile 
from Marlena, garbage revival &
tolled mine leaven in blue angle. Am I four ever tagged 
to you displeasing Parisienne evening? Tear open the pain
and butter freely while warm. Home-maid is best 
for service cleaning while you make light work of it.
Love looks more and more like louvers
when you try to sms this heart and find only glasnost.
Common ownership is now a closed window, 
text only tampering provokes sudden fonts:
I am wooden blocked.